Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delilght in the evil but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserveres. Love never fails... 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Monday, February 7, 2011

I have to make myself do it

.Hey everyone its monday! Which means house cleaning time around here. I did nothing in the house this weekend except mess up ha! I did my errands and grocery shopping on Saturday i forgot to take a picture but i spent a total of 52.00 at publix and saved 100.00 between coupons and the stuff they had on sale in their ad. I also went to aldi and got my milk and trash bags they are cheaper there. I have got my mom and grandmother into couponing so we all went together. It was fun but we was gone like 5 hours. Connor infomed us he was tired of grocery shopping.  Yesterday we went to put valentines stuff on the babys grave and then steven grilled for us our dinner and i did not even clean that up. So this morning i had to make myself unload the dishwasher, reload dishwasher, shake rugs, sweep kitchen and in front of the front door, wipe down all countertops,and vacuum living room. My reward was a shower and computer time:). Am i the only one that has to make myself clean sometimes and then reward myself?  So what are you making yourself do today? Tomorrow on to my bedroom and bathroom.

Speaking of bedroom  i took some pictures last week when my bedroom was clean and thought i would share a few. Im sorry my camera is not the best and i am not the best picture taker.
This is our bed we got the headboard from Ashley Furniture.

Steven's side table i got the lamps from old time pottery barn and the blue topiary thing from cracker barrell last spring.
My side same thing....
Curtains i got from ross..Some pictures with our name and the meanings my parents gave us as a wedding present...the floor lamp from kirklands...the chair which you can't see very good is  old from my grandmother..the pillows from old time pottery barn
our tv armoire..doors on each side open to our master bathroom
a tall whatever it's called that holds the laptop,printer,pictures etc.. Hope you have a good Monday:)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Friday And Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Hey everyone, It is Friday.  First i want to say Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad. Mom reads the blog so she will see it. They have been married 27 years. Wow! Steven is supposed to be bringing a gift card home with him. We are getting them a gift card so they can go out to eat. They will enjoy that.

Well unfortnatly it is like 30 degrees and rainy and cold here today. We will just be staying in today and tonight probably. Steven has been out of town all week so we will be glad to have him home with us. Connor has made him a hamburger on his grill (a fake one with his fake food) and it has been sitting on my bedside table since Tuesday. He said yay daddy is coming home i can finally give him his crabby patty (from spongebob) i made him.

 This week has gone by very fast. I had a Dr. checkup one day and Connor went to the dentist yesterday so i guess all the running around made it go by fast.  Tomorrow i will be going to publix to do my coupons so i will post that shopping trip sometime this weekend. I want to start doing meal plans but my husband works out of town some. When he is gone to be honest me and Connor just eat whatever. When he goes out of town is not really planned out just whenever they say go he goes so it is hard to plan. I guess i could plan it out then adjust it as needed.

 Well i am joining in on the Valentines card swap here. Go check it out it will be fun. Anyone can join. This will be my first time participating in something like this i am excited. Have a good weekend:)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Award

I recieved an award  from the very sweet Allyson atNo place like home  go visit her. Her home is gorgeous and she has alot of decorating ideas. I am so glad i met her through blog land. Thank you Allyson. To accept the award i have to list 7 facts about myself and award it to7 other bloggers. Then they have to list 7 facts about themselves and pass it on to 7 other bloggers of their choice.

This is the Award

Now i have to list 7 facts about me and award it to seven other bloggers.

1. I love couponing. I order coupons just about everyweek.  My husband jokes if she does not have a coupon we are not allowed to buy it.
2. My favorite music is country. I love Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift, and Sugarland.
3. We have a Chihuahua named Tinker Bell.
4. I love to cook.
5. I love bowling even though i am no good.
6. I love lamps i have six in my kitchen alone.
7. I have never been to Disney World and i want to go so bad and be like a kid with my son.

Now the Seven Blogs I want to pass it on to:
Jennifer at All that Glitters
Leslie at Lamberts Lately

Now to accept this award list 7 facts about yourself and pass it on  to seven other bloggers!

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Publix shopping trip this week

Hey everyone, hope everyone has had a good week. Not to much has gone on this week. Connor went to the dentist Monday and i have to take him back this coming up Thursday to get a filling. He did not have a cavity but the dentist said something about a soft spot on his back tooth because of the way the enamel formed. She said he would have that tooth for about six more years probably so she recommended filling it so we will do that. I wanted to post my publix couponing trip this week so here it is.
I got two new york garlic breads, gain dish liquid, gallon of milk, two bags of baby potatoes, two frenchs mustard, two A1 steak sauce, two kraft bbq sauce, one french's worsterchire sauce, two pizza rolls, and one pillsbury toaster scrambles. I paid total with tax12.20 and saved 35.65 so a pretty good trip. Some of the stuff like milk and scramblers were not on sale we just needed them. Connor had to have some of the milk before i could get a picture.

Not much going on this weekend but it is supposed to be in the high 50's and 60's this weekend so we will definitely get out in the yard some. Connor loves being outside but it has been so cold i have not let him out much because i did not want him getting sick. So he will enjoy just running around playing with his outside toys. We will probably grill for dinner to at least one night this weekend. Have a good weekend!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Weekend and snow day earlier this month

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. We have not done to much this weekend. Friday Steven had to work late so me and Connor got into our pajamas and watched movies (well actually his cartoons). Steven got home around 8:00 so we waited up to see him then went to bed. Saturday i went and did all of my erands. I did my coupons at Publix. Next week i hope to remember to take a picture to post what i got and the total cost and list what coupons i used. I forgot to take a picture this week. Tonight we grilled fish,shrimp,and pork chops. I do not eat seafood so the pork chops were for me. We also had baked potatoes and salad. My mom made homeade ranch dressing it was delicious. Steven and dad did the grilling .Thanks Steven, Dad, and Mom for the great dinner! I did contribute I washed the potatoes and wrapped them in foil. Ha!  My parents live next door to us so we eat together alot. I enjoy having my parents next door. Some people prefer to move away or have to move away but them being close is a good thing to me. Steven has to work out of town sometimes and i had never been  alone before so i felt safer them being close. Plus it was a major blessing being a first time mom and having them next door if i ever needed anything. Anyway we had some snow here in Alabama at the beginnig of this month so i wanted to share a few pictures of our snow day!

It started with my dad making us waffles with his new belgian waffle maker we bought him for Christmas. They were yummy.
Then on to playing in the snow!
Connor making a snow angel.

                     My husband being a kid again

        Connor on our back porch playing while my dad grilled us hamburgers for dinner.

      We do not get snow that much here so we enjoyed it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Gatlingburg Trip October 2010

We have went to Gatlingburg in October the past two years for Connor's birthday. My dad (connors poppy), my mom (connors nanny) and my brother (uncle David) also went with us. I wanted to post a few pictures of our trip. It has been three months but since i did not have a blog then i want to post them now for my own memory!
This is the cabin we stayed in it was very cozy. We really enjoyed it.
Connor and Steven in front of the fireplace.
Connor waiting  outside at  Huck's Finn Catfish
Steven when we was eating at Huck Finns.This was the first time we had eat there. We did not eat there the year before. It was really good everyone enjoyed it.
Connor strolling through gatlinburg on our way to eat at pancake pantry.
This is a attempt at a family picture at the apple barn. We always stop here on our way the first day. We go to the shop where they sell anything apple imaginable. They have a little place where you can buy fried apple pies, apple doughnuts, ice cream, and fresh apple cider. It is so good i love the cold apple cider.
The stream in Gatlingburg by the Aquarium.
Me and Steven waiting at pancake pantry. I don't know what the expression on my face is about ha.
My brother rockin guitar hero at the arcade.
Nanny and Poppy at the putt-putt golf place.
Nanny and Connor rocking at the cabin.
Me rocking and relaxing.
Me, Steven, Poppy, and Connor strolling through Gatlingburg.

Connor playing putt-putt

We had such a good time. We enjoyed walking around Gatlingburg. They had it decorated for fall it was so pretty. We played putt-putt, played games at the arcade, rode go karts, looked in the cute shops, ate at the pancake pantry, bonefish grill, huck finns, and we ate the breakfast buffet at western sizzlin on the way home. We also had fun just hanging out at the cabin. We relaxed in front of the fireplace, played pool, darts, got in the hot tub, and played cards. It was such a fun vacation and hope we get to go back this year. Hope you enjoyed the peek into our vacation.

My Kitchen

Hey! Hope everyone is having a good week so far.Yesterday i spent the day doing laundry and looking at the ad on so i could see what coupons i needed to print or order. I love couponing and do alot at publix but i need to get started at the drugstores. There are just so many I don't know which one to start with.  If anyone is a drugstore coupon expert i would love your tips. Anyway,this weekend i cleaned my kitchen and changed things up on the counter a little. I took some pictures while it was clean so i am going to post some.
I love my two hurricane lamps that i got from lowe's and my candle fountain from walmart. I have had that fountain for about three years and just love it. I have to be careful with candles with a three year old so this one is safe.

My rooster, rooster lamp, and napkin holder. Ough and the cord i could not hide.
These are two plates from ross i put on plate holders.

Rooster from hobby lobby
A frosted glass cabinet with rooster from ross and pitcher and bowl from tuesday morning
 On top of the cabinets
More on top of the cabinets
the bar
This is also on the bar
My rooster canisters from ross that has my sugar and tea bags
Our table that does not have any placemats or tablecloths on it because i cant keep anything clean on it. Did i mention i have a three year old and a husband (ha).
Of course a picture of connor eating a lunchable.
Hope you enjoyed taking a look at our kitchen.